Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (2023)

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Added new case options from OtterBox and kate spade.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 follows up on the Galaxy S22 with performance improvements and better battery endurance. However, this generation doesn't change the glass and aluminum in the build, which leaves the phone vulnerable when used without a case.

Now, If you have already placed your order or are planning to use the best Galaxy S23 deals to get one soon, having the right case can go a long way in keeping your phone free from damage. And to help you make the right decision, we've featured some of the best protective cases, ranging from rugged to luxurious leather options.



Best Rugged Cases

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (1)

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is our top rugged case pick for the Samsung Galaxy S23 because of the versatility that it brings to the table with its multi-part and layered design. It has a TPU frame — with a port cover — and a polycarbonate back panel that features a kickstand. There's also a front frame attachment with a built-in screen protector.

SUPCASE claims the case will add 20-foot drop protection to your Galaxy S23, keeping it safe from the most treacherous drops.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (2)
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (Samsung Galaxy S23)

Promoted Pick

In partnership with SUPCASE

The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro brings 360-degree protection to your Galaxy S23 with a layered design. It's rated to survive 20-foot drops, plus it offers additional attachments like a belt clip and front frame with a built-in screen protector.

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Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (3)
    Samsung Rugged Gadget Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Samsung Rugged Gadget Case for the Galaxy S23 is an interesting accessory. It brings military-grade protection to your smartphone but also a lot of versatility as it can seamlessly swap the module on its back for different use cases. You can attach a kickstand, a card wallet, and other options.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (4)
    Spigen Rugged Armor (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Spigen Rugged Armor is a TPU case built to secure your Galaxy S23 from fall damage and other impacts with its Air Cushion technology. Other aspects to keep in mind are the raised lip on the front to ensure the display doesn't lay flat on a table and the tactile buttons that provide solid feedback.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (5)
    Urban Armor Gear Monarch (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Urban Armor Gear Monarch features a five-layer design that uses components like UAG's signature armor frame, shock-resistant core, and a polycarbonate shear plate. The outside is made using a rubber layer that has a texture to improve grip ability. Of the many options available, it also has a unique hex-patterned design that will make it stand out.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (6)
    CASETiFY Impact (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The CASETiFY Impact case features a build made from some recycled materials and other common choices like TPU and polycarbonate. And it offers 8.2ft drop protection and has the STD-810G military-grade certification. Also, if you'd love to choose from diverse patterns, the brand has you covered with various options.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (7)
    OtterBox Commuter (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The OtterBox Commuter Series protective case is a rugged accessory that maintains a thin profile yet keeps your phone safe from falls. Its design even lets the Galaxy S23 maintain its support for wireless charging. Like other cases from OtterBox, this case also features an antimicrobial coating to protect the device against common bacterial growth.

    $40 at Best Buy

Best Leather Cases

Samsung Galaxy S23 Leather Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (8)

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Leather Case, which uses genuine leather, is the accessory to pick if you want to up the premium feel of your smartphone without adding significant bulk. It's available in three elegant colors, each of which contrasts well with the matte finishes on the Galaxy S23. The case will wrap around your phone, protecting its edges from falls and increasing your grip on the device.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (9)
Samsung Leather Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

This Samsung Galaxy S23 case is a slender accessory wrapped in genuine leather with tactile buttons which will protect your device while adding a touch of elegance.

$50 at Samsung

Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (10)
    Bellroy Leather Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Bellroy Leather Case comes with a super-slim profile design and uses a shell wrapped in premium, eco-tanned leather in its construction. There's also a microfiber lining on the inner side to safeguard the glass surface from scratches. It's available in three colors, Black, Blue, and Terracotta.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (11)
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    AICase PU Leather Folio (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The AICase PU Leather Folio for Samsung Galaxy S23 is a perfect option for those who want a combination of a wallet case and the look of leather. Your device will always have 360-degree protection when in this accessory. Plus, it has enough space to store up to three cards and some cash.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (12)
    Venito Lucca Leather Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    Venito Lucca Leather Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 is a premium quality, handcrafted cowhide leather case offering ultimate protection with a suede inner lining. Its exquisite design provides all-around protection and easy access to charging and earphone ports. It's also wireless charging friendly.

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Best Thin Cases

Spigen Liquid Air

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (13)

The Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S23 is a sleek accessory that's perfect for your phone if you want to ensure protection from falls. Spigen's Air Cushion Technology plays a vital role in this too. The outer surface of Spigen Liquid Air comes with many ridges designed to improve your grip, hence, stopping your phone from slipping out of your hands. It's available in two colors, Black and Green.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (14)
Spigen Liquid Air (Samsung Galaxy S23)

The Spigen Liquid Air for Samsung Galaxy S23 is a sleek and lightweight accessory with an anti-slip surface. Its form-fitted nature and earlier-mentioned properties make it a good case that prioritizes in-hand comfort. It also features Spigen's Air Cushion Technology which ensures your device can withstand falls.

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Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (15)
    Samsung Silicone Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    Available in five different options, which are a combination of vibrant and elegant, the Samsung Silicone Case is great option for your Galaxy S23 if you're looking to maintain its slim profile while adding reasonable amounts of protection.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (16)
    Spigen Thin Fit (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    $17 $29.99 Save $12.99

    The Spigen Thin Fit is an accessory similar to the Liquid Air, but instead of a purely TPU build, it uses a combination of PC and TPU. It has a slim and lightweight profile that will help keep your Galaxy S23 compact while easily surviving low-impact drops. It comes with a matte black finish that will also help your phone look sleek and discrete.

    $17 at Amazon

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Best Clear Cases

ESR Boost Kickstand Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (17)

The Boost Kickstand Case for Galaxy S23 combines a clear case with ESR's patented kickstand design, creating an accessory that will not ensure your device is safe from falls but is also easy to prop up in portrait or landscape orientation. The hinge used for this kickstand will allow you to set it at any angle below 60 degrees. As for its protection-related aspects, there are bumpers built into each corner of the case, plus there are raised bezels on the front and around the camera.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (18)
ESR Boost Kickstand Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

The ESR Boost Kickstand Case is the option to consider if you want to show-off the color on your Samsung Galaxy S23 while adding protection from falls and a kickstand to help prop up your phone with ease.

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Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (19)
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Galaxy S23 combines a TPU bumper and a durable PC back for full protection. Its crystal clear design is ideal if you want to showcase the color of your smartphone or customize it with stickers. Other positives for the accessory are its well-sized cutouts and tactile buttons.

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (20)
    Samsung Clear Gadget Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The Samsung Clear Gadget Case features a transparent design that not only lets you show off your Galaxy S23 but also has a mounting system built into its back panel, letting you use a variety of accessories with your phone.

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Best Wallet Cases

Galaxy S-View Wallet Case

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (21)

The Samsung Galaxy S-View Wallet Case is the ideal accessory for your smartphone if you're looking to add protection to every side of the device without compromising on the look and feel. It comes with a TPU-covered polycarbonate shell that's soft to the touch and easy to hold. The front flap of the case even comes with a cutout that lets you view certain notifications and interact with them. And on the inner side of the flap, you'll notice a place to house a card for those moments when you want to leave your wallet behind.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (22)
Samsung S-View Wallet Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

The S-View Wallet Case is the perfect accessory for those who need a wallet-style solution. It offers protection for your device from every angle while letting you access certain notifications via the cutout in the front. It's also available in Black, Green, Lavender, and Cream to match or contrast with your Galaxy S23.

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Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (23)
    Torro Premium Leather Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S23

    TORRO Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 is handcrafted from premium cowhide leather with added protection around the camera. The wallet case features an integrated stand and 3 credit card slots, while a side magnetic clasp ensures a secure closure. It's also compatible with Qi wireless charging.

    (Video) Samsung Galaxy S23 - Spigen Case Lineup + My Top 3 FAVORITE Spigen Cases Revealed!

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (24)
    Goospery SlideTok for Galaxy S23

    GOOSPERY SlideTok Case for Galaxy S23 features a comfortable grip, two card storage, and a kickstand. Its raised lip technology offers all-around protection, and precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports. The pocket-friendly design provides a nice grip and effortless use of the device.

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Best Colorful Cases

dbrand Grip

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (25)

A colorful case that feels great and protects your smartphone isn't too difficult to find, but finding one that comes with customizability and a highly resistant grip can be difficult. But the dbrand GRIP solves this problem. The accessory can be bought as a plain black rugged case, or you can choose to customize its back panel with precision-cut vinyl stickers. The website features over 20 skin options, each of which can quickly change how your device looks and, in some cases, even how it feels with its textures.

And when it comes to security against falls, the rugged frame will ensure your phone doesn't suffer from any damage. It even features tiny dots on its surface that make it easy to hold and avoid any slipping.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (26)
dbrand GRIP (Samsung Galaxy S23)

The dbrand GRIP is the ideal case for those who like to change up the look of their device frequently. Plus, its rugged build and tactile buttons ensure your device gets excellent protection against drops and remains enjoyable to use.

Other Options

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (27)
    OtterBox Symmetry (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The OtterBox Symmetry lineup combines the trusted protection the brand is known for with a splash of design thrown into the fray. This is an accessory that's easy to remove, plus maintains proper access to ports and buttons. There is also an alternate clear option to pick, in case you're looking for a case that shows off the color of your phone.

    $50 at Best Buy

  • Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Cases in 2023 (28)
    kate spade Protective Hardshell Case (Samsung Galaxy S23)

    The kate spade Protective Hardshell Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 combines a hard plastic back with a shock absorbing bumper. It will keep your smartphone safe from bumps and falls. It is also the perfect accessory to pick if you're looking for a cute design to adorn your smartphone.

    $45 at Best Buy

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Once you've chosen the best Samsung Galaxy S23 case for your device, you might want to pair your new case with a screen protector to fully protect your smartphone. Do check out our best Samsung Galaxy S23 series screen protectors guide to find the best options available in the market.


Does Samsung S23 come with a case? ›

The OnePlus 11 5G comes with a protective case, a pre-installed screen protector, a fast-charging brick, and more. Unfortunately, you don't get any of that with the Galaxy S23, so be sure to stop by our collection of the best cases and screen protectors to keep your phone in pristine condition.

Do S22 cases fit S23? ›

Although the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Samsung Galaxy S22 have similar dimensions, our Samsung S23 cases have a redesigned camera lens opening on the back of the case. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S22 case is not compatible with the Galaxy S23.

How do I protect my S23 Ultra? ›

ivoler Camera Lens Protector – Easiest Installation

The ivoler Camera Lens Protector for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is one of the best options for protecting your camera from scratches and drops. The TPU Screen Protector is transparent and anti-scratch, providing edge-to-edge protection for your device's entire screen.

Can I use S23 Ultra without case? ›

Like most modern flagship phones, the S23 Ultra is a metal and glass sandwich, and while those materials have been upgraded to armored aluminum and Gorilla Glass Victus 2, they'll still damage easily when dropped. The best way to prevent damage like this from happening is to use a sturdy case and screen protector.


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