GW-12887-1 DS12887 RTC Replacement Module by The Glitch Works on Tindie (2023)

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GW-12887-1 Maintainable Replacement for DS12887 RTC Module

Designed by The Glitch Works in United States of America

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GW-12887-1 Maintainable Replacement for DS12887 RTC Module

For sale are new made GW-12887-1 RTC/CMOS modules. These modules are 100% compatible with Dallas DS12887 modules -- they're made with a new Dallas DS12885. Unlike a DS12887, this module features a re…

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(Video) IBM PS/1 2011 Pt 2: DS1287/DS12887 old computer repair hack

For sale are new made GW-12887-1 RTC/CMOS modules. These modules are 100% compatible with Dallas DS12887 modules -- they're made with a new Dallas DS12885. Unlike a DS12887, this module features a replaceable coin cell in a holder. When the battery dies, simply remove it and insert another CR1225 coin cell!

The GW-12887-1 is also compatible with many systems that use the older DS1287. Some systems require a DS1287 and won't work with newer RTC modules. We cannot guarantee compatibility with every single system out there, but we've tried the GW-12887-1 in a number of systems, ranging from 386 motherboards to VAXstation 3100 m76 machines with good results. A few industrial boards insisted on a DS1287, and for that we've designed a GW-1287-1 replacement, though they are currently in very limited supply.

If you'd like to build your own module or rework an existing DS1287 or DS12887, see our other listings for DIY repair boards!

This item uses a lithium cell and will be marked as such for mailing. This may increase delivery times in some cases, especially overseas.

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Dennis | Dec. 26, 2022

I bought this to replace a DS1287 in an Epson laptop.

At first the computer would work after I entered all the CMOS values. They were retained when I rebooted with Ctrl + Alt + Del but lost if I powered down. Then I bent the two pins out of the way that are on the 12887 but absent on the 1287. And voila! It works perfectly.
Dennis Fenton

William | Nov. 19, 2022

Worth it

I used this in an old Tektronix TLA 704 logic analyzer, which had the 12887 soldered directly to the board (ugh). This at first seems pricey considering there are hacks to add this same functionality to an existing 12887, but the module is really nicely made and convenient and, I think, kind of cute. Heads up this seems to have the same pinout as the 12887 except for a couple pins (I think 21 and 22) which weren't there on the 12887 in my machine. I opted to bend them up to avoid doing any more unnecessary desoldering in case it didn't work. But it did! Like a charm. Unplugged the machine for a while and plugged it back in just to be sure.

(Video) Dallas Clock Chip Replacement for a 486 motherboard with a special guest appearance by Gollum

Jim | Nov. 3, 2022

Great drop in replacement

This works just like the original. No issues with any of the machines I have tried it on. From late 80s microchannel PS/2 to late 90s Pentiums, no issues at all. The only downside, if there is one, is the look. It just doesn't look right. However that got me thinking about a 3d printed cover for the chip and battery. Don't have time to mess with it right now, but I will look into this over the winter.

Oh, and a surprise is that it came with a battery. I wasn't expecting that, but it is a nice touch that it was usable right out of the box.

Chris | May 30, 2022

Simply the BEST option for a DS12887 replacement

I have several vintage PCs where I have used these chips, ranging from a PS/2 Model 30 286 to a Dual Pentium Pro system, and everything in between. These are of the highest quality and have a great fit and finish! I couldn't be more pleased. Naturally, installation is a breeze, and the battery placement makes changeout a snap.

Highly recommend!

Gary | Jan. 28, 2022

Replacement battery chip modules

These chips have been used to replace dead original Dallas battery chips.
They are working just like the original chips worked. I am very pleased with their performance.

Don | Jan. 26, 2022

Highly recommended

This brought my VAXstation 4000/90 back to life with a minimum of fuss. This is a great solution for systems which require Dallas chips!

Robert | Nov. 28, 2021

Worked perfectly in HP 3000

Just replaced the Dallas DS1287 in my HP 3000/927LX with this module and it worked perfectly. The system requires a working RTC to even boot, so this was a huge help in restoring this retro computer. Glitch Works shipped the parts immediately, I was shocked how fast they arrived! I could not be happier.

Ian | Oct. 15, 2021

Brought a classic back to life

I have a really rare early dual Pentium Pro motherboard (AMI MERLIN DP). The hardest part was removing the old Dallas RTC. Once this was done, installation was a snap, and it works great.

James | Oct. 3, 2021

Great seller and product

Dropped it in my 286 and it booted up like a champ. Great quality, shipping was fast, and seller was communicative - I highly recommend!

Vitor Emanuel | Sept. 23, 2021

Great Replacement

Bought one of this to replace an Via vt82885n / Houston Tech ht12888a and worked like a charm. Has a good build.

Pavel | Aug. 30, 2021

(Video) Dallas Chip Part 1: How to revive a dead DS12887 chip

Perfect replacement for retro computer RTC chips.

I used it as a replacement for ODIN OEC12C887A chip with sealed in battery that is not user replaceable. The GW-12887-1 DS12887 RTC Replacement Module was an easy replacement, works just like the original and has replaceable battery in case the one that came with dies one day. I'm glad these replacement modules are being made to keep our retro computers going.

Ronald | April 25, 2021

Absolutely worth every penny. I'm am very pleased.

I have an old Pentium motherboard and the Dallas/RTC ran out of juice. It was supposed to be my MS-DOS machine and this issue complicated that. Thankfully the RTC on this motherboard was socketed. Ordered the replacement and plugged it in. The machine fired up like it was brand new. I am extremely pleased because this machine is really old. I think I received it back in 1997. Thank you.

Michael | March 15, 2021


I was amazed to discover that someone in 2021 was making replacements for the old Dallas RTC modules. I am a vintage PC geek and was disappointed to discover that my lovely Gateway 2000 P-60 DOS PC would not even boot or see the hard drive because of a failing RTC module. Then further dismay when I realised it was not a simple matter of replacing a cell watch type battery on my board. But then along comes this GW-12887 to save the day!! works flawlessly, simple pop out pop in replacement (luckily mine was socketed) and my PC is working again and I can relive my childhood playing all those awesome DOS games I remember from my youth. Fast delivery and great service all round, awesome!

Nathan | Feb. 8, 2021

Great replacement

I've bought two to replace a DS1287 and a DS12887A. Both worked very well and the battery can be easily replaced without needing to replace the entire chip in the future.

James | Dec. 18, 2020

Works as designed and as intended!

Bought this to revive a Tandy 2100 Model 10, and this did exactly that. Direct replacement and worked without any issues.

Vernon | Nov. 12, 2020

Great board for restoring a vintage computer.

Great board for restoring my vintage computer that had a bad RTC DS12887 chip. Nice and compact and fitted well.

Eric | Feb. 22, 2020

Works in a VAXstation 4000/VLC

I bought one to replace the DS1287A in my VAXstation 4000/VLC. It works great! The DS1287A in the 4000/VLC is socketed so the replacement was quick and easy.

Gerald | Feb. 13, 2020


Did the job after re-configuring pc setup that was lost prior to replacement due to dead battery in DS12877 module.

Thomas | Dec. 24, 2019

Worked perfectly. And very well packaged.

Nice service, well packaged. Worked perfectly in my IBM PS2 model 30! No issues at all.

Would buy from him again.

Kjetil | Oct. 10, 2019

(Video) The Emerson 8000EC Part 2: Will There be a #DOScember Speech Miracle, or Hidden Features? + Repair!

Nice product to revive old computers

Installed in a Commodore PC 30-III. This one actually had a DS1287 which had to be de-soldered from the motherboard, and replaced with a socket. Works as expected afterwards with this module, remembering the clock and CMOS settings.

Eric | June 27, 2019


Perfect replacement for our RTC in an older Hurco VMX-42 machining center. Affordable and maintainable into the future thanks to the external battery design. Absolute plug and play! Great solution to maintaining aging industrial machines!

Stevenson | Jan. 31, 2019

Nicely made replacement for the Dallas chips, worked great!

I installed this in a vintage DEC AlphaServer 1000a 5/333 in place of the original Dallas 1287.
It seems to be working fine, caused no errors, and the computer holds settings during power off and unplug.

Two thumbs up !

Chris | Dec. 21, 2018

Great replacement for old Dallas clock chip

Replaced DS12887 clock in an ASUS P55T2P4 Motherboard. This is a very professional solution for keeping these old boards going. Highly recommended.

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