The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (2023)

All the woodcutters and carpenters have a keen interest in finding the best bandsaw blade available in the market.

Each bandsaw blade is so unique in its design and features. A minor difference can lead to a blade designed for some other task.

If you choose the right saw blade, you will be able to accomplish your task most efficiently by getting precise cuts in minimum time.

A wrongly chosen blade can make the task difficult due to the dull blade and will become a hassle.The best bandsaw blades for resewing vary in size, shape, durability, and compatibility.

There is a huge variety of blades available in the market.You should go through the best band aw blade for resewing wood and make a wise decision.

For this purpose, go through the best band saw blade reviews for a deep knowledge of the purpose of blades before buying one.

When a band saw has the right band saw blade, it can easily cut through woods, plastic, metals, and many other materials.

If you think that the band saw blade that comes with the band saw is enough for the tasks and will remain forever, this is not the case.

The bandsaw blades wear out with time and you have to find the next best option for fulfilling the task without any hurdle.

For your convenience, find the best general purpose bandsaw blade so that it can accomplish most of the cutting jobs like a pro.

The best bandsaw blade for resewing wood will handle most of the tasks with ease and will last longer due to its durability.

This article has a list of the best bandsaw blade 2022 so that you can go through them in choosing the best one that is compatible with the job you want.

[Quick Pickle] 11 Best Resaw Blades for Bandsaw

  1. DEWALT DW3983C
  2. DEWALT DW3984C
  3. DEWALT DW3984
  4. DEWALT DW3986C
  5. POWERTEC 1381X
  6. Bosch BS6412-24M
  7. Bosch BS80-6H
  8. Olson Saw FB23193DB
  9. SKIL 80151
  10. LENOX 8010838PW185
  11. OLSON SAW FB14593DB

A Review Of 15 Best Bandsaw Blade 2022


The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (1)

The top-rated DEWALT DW3983C Portable Bandsaw Blade is a bi-metallic universal blade. The top-notch feature includes 8% Cobalt content and RC 65-67 tooth hardness for more durability.

DW3983C Bandsaw Blade comes with a dimension of 14 x 0.63 x 5.25 Inches and is silver in color.

The bi-metallic blade is equipped with Matrix II high-speed steel edges that can bear extreme resistance to heat and wear and tear.

DW3983C Band Saw Blade Under $11 comprises technologies that make it the best one. Dewalt understands that you do not want to buy an inferior product and want a durable one that is affordable too.

The bi-metallic Band Saw Blade has an alloy steel backer that resists fatigue. The users don’t have to worry about the life of the product anymore.

The Dewalt Company tests the strength of the blade. All the products of Dewalt are carefully tested so that they do not create hurdle and fatigue in the job where you want to use them.

After going through the DEWALT DW3983C Portable Bandsaw review, we come to know that Dewalt keeps eyes on the convenience and performance of the.

The company invests in research work for designing the best product for the market. Dewalt DW 3983C Band Saw is perfect for cutting thin, normal, and thick metal.


The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (2)

DEWALT DW3984C Portable Bandsaw Blade has got the best in reviews and it truly deserves it. Millions of industrial customers trust the name Dewalt and it makes sure to fulfill its promises.

The company has a good reputation with blades. We will get to know whether the Dewalt D3984C Band Saw Blade is a winner or a loser.

This blade comes in a set of three blades that can cover nearly all cuts. The best DW3984C Bandsaw Blade under $22 saves your money as this set has extra blades so you don’t have to buy another one soon.

The blades come in three different sizes that allow you to choose the correct blade for the project. They are quite good in their performance and they are durable.

DW3984C Band Saw Bade maintains extra cutting sharpness for various projects. The blade is flexible and does not break under immense pressure.

This quality feature enables the blade to stay longer. The two main features that make the blade flexible are steel edge and alloy steel backing.

The steel backing enables the blade to resist any wear and tear and the steel edge prevents from overheating.

These qualities prevent the DW394C Band Saw Blade to deteriorate with time. The blade can cut through a variety of materials with a 24 TPI.

We come across many blades that can cut steel well but the Dewalt is one of the most durable ones and is 14 inches in length.

We recommend this blade as it can cut through thick, thin, and medium metals and you do not have to worry about the replacement soon as it comes in a set.

(Video) Why I stopped using steel band saw blades

3. DEWALT DW3984

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (3)

DEWALT DW3984 Portable Bandsaw Blade is an excellent choice if you want to cut a variety of materials. The Band Saw Blade has 24 TPI that can cut different materials efficiently and result in a smooth finish.

The blade is made up of high-speed steel, even then the saw blade can give a perfect cutting performance.DW3984 Portable Bandsaw Blade is bi-metallic and made up of 8% cobalt.

The bi-metallic nature makes the blade resistant to heat while operating. The blade is also made up of Matrix II steel edge that prevents the blade from breaking into pieces.

The DW3984 Band Saw Blade is ideal for cutting thin, thick, and medium metal with a smooth finish. The best DW3984 Portable Band Saw Blade under $12 comes in a set of three blades.

So, this makes the band saw blade economical as you do not have to find a replacement soon.The blade has 24 TPI that leaves a smooth finish after the cut.

The blade has fatigue resistance that makes it durable and stays intact for a long time. This blade not only cuts metals, but you can also use it for cutting wood but you have to be patient as it cuts slowly.

The alloy steel backer makes the blade durable and enables it to handle a variety of tasks like metal ripping and crosscuts.

The blade is also made up of high-speed steel that leaves a professional finish to the cuts.


The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (4)

The carpenters and woodcutters have to choose the best quality bandsaw blade as many of them are available in the market.

Every professional knows that the blades do not last for longer and you have to replace one with time.

When using a band saw, you have to keep a spare blade as it can break any time. You cannot simply avoid the problem of breakage when using a band saw.

The DEWALT DW3986C Blade is made by Dewalt Company assures the quality of products it manufactures.

You need to choose the right blade for the right task for its efficiency. With the right decision, you can make precise cuts in the minimum time.

For a right blade, you have to go through the thickness, material of the blade, and the TPI.

DEWALT DW3986C Portable Bandsaw Blade is a pack which consists of three blades. Cordless, small-sized band saws use these types of blades.

Make sure to go through the specifications before ordering. Some people order them without going through the details and then regret their decision.

DEWALT DW3986C Band Saw Blade is made up of 8% content of cobalt and Matrix II high-speed steel edge that makes the set resistant to heat and reduces fatigue while working.

These blades remain intact even after tough applications. The best DW3986C Portable Band Saw Blade under $18 can meet all cutting needs.

The blade is short in length, so you can only use the set with a portable band saw. The Dewalt band saw blade has RC 65-67 tooth hardness that helps in reducing wear and tear.


The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (5)

The POWERTEC 13181X Bandsaw Blade is the best one among all the reviewed brands if you are a craftsman.

This package consists of only one blade but it gives the maximum results. The PowerTec Company makes blades in 3, 6, and 14 TPI but this one has 6 TPI.

POWERTEC 13181X Blade has a low TPI that enables you to cut the toughest wood into thin sheets. During this process, it generates minimum heat. So, you can use this blade for longer tasks.

The blade is made up of high carbon steel material that prevents damages and prolongs durability. This composition also makes the blade heat resistant.

13181X Bandsaw Blade produces a fine result without leaving any mark of the tooth. The results are smooth and precise. The blade is 9 inches long and is eight ounces in weight.

This blade has 6 TPI that enables it to cut different materials. The dimensions of this product are 9 x 8.5 x 0.5 Inches.

Best POWERTEC 13181X Band Saw Blade under $11 can cut and weld various substances like plastic, wood, and other non-ferrous materials.

You can also use the blade for cutting metals. This feature makes it versatile as you can use it for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The Powertec Bandsaw Blade will wear evenly and all the teeth are equally spaced for precision cuts.A drawback of this band saw blade is that the Powertec Band Saw Blade can fit only on a 10-Inch Band Saw.

6. Bosch BS6412-24M

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (6)

(Video) FAQ - How to choose a Bandsaw Blade

If we go through the Bosch BS6412-24M Metal Bandsaw Blade review, we come to know that it is the best one with extreme quality.

The BS6412-24M Band Saw Blade comes in a pack of 3 blades and you cannot think of replacing or eliminating this blade.

The optimized tooth geometry gives perfect cutting results. The BS6412-64M Bandsaw Blade is easy to install and can cut through various materials like metal, wood, and other materials.

The blade is made up of high-quality steel material that makes the blade durable and heat resistant. This composition increases the strength of the blade.

The high-quality steel component gives accurate curved cuts. The blade remains with you for years because of its durability.

BS6412-24M Bandsaw Blade under $17 makes the blade affordable and heat resistant. The company advertises different qualities of the blades but all of them don’t lead to precise cuts.

The low price of the blade does not ensure its durability. This blade is enough for cutting thin sheets into pieces, making this blade economical for normal cutting tasks where you don’t require precise cuts.

This item has mixed reviews but you can trust its durability. The blade can cut any metal easily because of the high TPI.

Even if you cut a hundred sheets, the band saw blades will not slow down in performance which usually happens with other average band saw blades.

The band saw blade has a wavy tooth design that provides a cleaner cut without getting heat up. The Bosch saw blade is ideal for cordless saw and is 4.8 ounces in weight.

The blade length is 64.5 Inches and adjusts perfectly on Band Saws of 9 and 10 Inches. This means that all famous band saws can use this blade.

7. Bosch BS80-6H

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (7)

Bosch is one of the top leading brands in the industry. Bosch BS80-6H Bandsaw Blade is the best one in the market.

When you have a limited budget but you want to get access to the best band saw blade for your project, BS80-Band Saw Blade under $14 is a perfect choice.

The BS80-6H Bandsaw Blade is best for heavy-duty work on woods. It can cut wood so swiftly leaving a smooth finish to the cut.

The design of this blade makes it super resistant to heat and prevents damaging the blade. This composition makes the blade durable and increases the life of the blade.

The blade has perfect tooth geometry that increases the quality of the blade. This feature not only produces less sawdust but also reduces vibration.

The Bosch Band Saw Blade weighs 4.2 ounces and has sufficient length to fit any Band Saw. If you want to make straight cuts, then this item is the right choice for this task.

Unfortunately, it is not capable of making curved cuts. For curved cuts, you will require a blade with a finer tooth. We don’t recommend this blade for fine cutting as it will not give the desired results.

The teeth of The Bosch Band Saw Blade are extremely sharp, so you can use this blade for tough jobs easily on wood.

The length of the blade is 11 inches and fits easily to any bandsaw. Although this blade is trustworthy, it is better to keep a replacement as it becomes dull with time.

8. Olson Saw FB23193DB

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (8)

Olson FB23193DB Bandsaw Blade is an all-purpose blade, both for starters as well as professionals.

You can easily install the blade with nearly any band saw that accepts this length of blades. It is ideal for beginners.

Olson Saw FB23193DB Bandsaw Blade can easily cut various materials ranging from softwood to hardwood, plastic, mild steel, and non-ferrous materials.

This band saw blade works well with vertical, stationary, and floor standing 2-wheel band saws.

Olson FB23193DB Band Saw Blade under $15 is an economical band saw blade but it doesn’t mean that it is low in quality.

This is a 3 TPI blade and you can use it for heavy industrial tasks. The woodworkers and craftsmen also opt for these blades who seek perfection in their cutting jobs.

FB23193DB Bandsaw Blade is highly durable and easy to use. The steel material of the blade makes it heat resistant and increases the life span.

This item weighs 0.4 pounds and has dimensions of 10.25 x 10.88 x 1 inch. You can use this one blade in a variety of applications without looking for any other blade.

Few people complain that it vibrates to some extent after installation.

9. SKIL 80151

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (9)

(Video) How to Change a Bandsaw Blade

When you are working with wood or metal, you usually require more than one blade to fulfill the task. In many projects, both wood or metal working require blades of different sizes or lengths.

Most of the bandsaw blades come in a set so that you can change the blade according to your need.It does not happen that one blade fits all tasks and you don’t need any other blade for finishing.

It is better to keep blades of different sizes if there is a variety of work. SKIL 80151 Band Saw Blade comes in a pack of three blades that are of different sizes and types.

This blade set is a good package for many of your cutting tasks.SKIL 80151 Bandsaw Blade $24 is a must buy as it does not compromise on its performance.

All three blades are of different sizes and TPI. The blade with 15TPI is 1/8 inches long, the one with 6 TPI is 1/4 inches long and the third one with 6TPI is 3/8 inches long.

The blades are suitable for both wood and metal. 80151 Band Saw Blade covers tasks like aggressive and tighter curves.

All the blades are made from high-quality steel that increases durability.The blades produce less sawdust, making the environment clean. One drawback is that the blades become heated on long projects.

You can avoid this by taking breaks and giving time to cool down. The SKIL 8051 Bandsaw Blade is a good choice for projects that require high speed.

10. LENOX 8010838PW185

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (10)

Dewalt and Bosch are more famous names in the bandsaw blade but you cannot neglect Lenox because of the features.

The Lenox 8010838PW185 Portable Bandsaw Blade has some nice features so you have to consider it as well.

8010838PW185 Bandsaw Blade comes in a pack of five blades. You should not count them as options but as spare blades for use.

This item weighs 0.7 pounds in weight and comes in a dimension of 18.5 x 8.25 x 0.88 inches. The blades are made up of bi-metal material.

This material makes the blade tolerant to heat and resistance. Along with this, the composition of the blade makes it durable and long-lasting.

The length of each blade is 18 and a half inches. Each of the blades is long-lasting and has sharp teeth that ensure precise and accurate cuts.

The teeth enable the blades to cut with minimum resistance. The bi-metal construction prevents the blades from breaking into pieces or cracking.

One drawback of 8010838PW183 Band Saw Blade is that if you try to use them on wood, it will not perform well. The Lenox blade cuts slowly on wood.

Another weak area is that these blades cannot cut materials that are thicker than a quarter of an inch in their diameter.

LENOX 8010838PW185 Portable Band Saw Blade under $36 is a good choice for money as it comes in a set of 5 bi-metallic blades.

If you want to make curved cuts with 8010838PW185 Portable Bandsaw Blade, the blade will bend but it will not break because of its quality.

11. Timber 0669754935046

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (11)

Most of the Bandsaw users face the problem of the bandsaw blade not adjusting to various speed levels. Some perform better at high speed while others give required results at low speed.

The band saw users require blades that can adjust to various speed levels for various projects. It is difficult to choose a blade for cutting wood as it depends on the material you are using.

The Timber 0669754935046 Wolf Band Saw Blade is a high-quality blade that can adjust to any revolution required.

All you have to do is, read the manual that comes with the band saw and adjust your machine. Timber 144711 Wolf Bandsaw Blade is on priority for those who seek precision in cutting.

This Band Saw Blade is made up of high silicon and low carbide steel. The item weighs 0.35 pounds and comes with a dimension of 11.25 x 11 x 1 inch.

The blade works at low tension and does not require a high tension fit. You can adjust the blade to any desired speed.

The tooth geometry of Timber Band Saw Blade is different from others. The band saw blade has 5 ways of tooth adjustment.

The blade is thinner from other band saw blades and can cut softwood or hardwood smoothly within no time.

According to us, Timber 0669754935046 Wolf Bandsaw Blade under $36 is worth the investment with high quality and is thinner than other band saw blades.

We recommend this blade because of its flexibility and affordability.


The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (12)

(Video) The Best Way to Set Up a Bandsaw!

OLSON SAW FB14593DB Bandsaw Blade is a part of our list because of its quality. The Band Saw users use this blade for wood but it is equally effective on non-ferrous metal.

China is the manufacturer of this super quality blade. After going through the details, we come to know that FB14593DB Bandsaw Blade under $15 is durable and dependable.

The OLSON Bandsaw Blade has a good cutting speed and it retains heat and damage. This quality of the blade increases the life span and it remains with you for longer.

You do not have to apply a lot of force on the blade for cutting and it easily provides straight cuts. This Band Saw Blade works well with all vertical, stationary, and floor standing two-wheel band saws.

The band saw blade is a perfect choice for all heavy-duty tasks. It is a commercial band saw blade and is the right choice for industrial use, woodworking, and professional craftsmen.

13. Imachinist S6412121418

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (13)

The I machinist S64121218 Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade is one of the most durable band saw blades. This band saw blade is considered one of the strongest amongst other blades.

The Band Saw Blade is suitable for light and soft metalwork. It is a good choice for beginners and DIYers.The Bi-Metal construction of this Metal Band Saw Blade is not for hard objects.

The thickness of the blade is 0.025 inches, half-inch width, and 64-1/2 inches long. The I machinist Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade has two options of 14 and 18 TPI.

You can match the TPI of the blade according to the work. S64121218 Metal Bandsaw Blade under $17 suits all band saws that use 64-1/2 inch long and 1/2 inch wide blade.

With this band saw blade, the body rarely comes in contact with the surface because of its thickness. The thickness of the blade adds as a safety measure that prevents injuries in the workspace.

The teeth of the band saw blade are varied and produce the required friction to complete the task.The I machinist Band Saw Blade works best on soft metals but you can also use it on hard ferrous and non-ferrous materials because of the bi-metal quality construction.

14. AYAO 62

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (14)

AYAO 62 Inch Bandsaw Blade is compatible with Harbor Freight, Craftsmen, PowerTec, or Masterforce Band Saw.

This Band Saw Blade is the right choice if you want to reduce unwanted vibrations during work.

The AYAO designs its Bandsaw Blade accessories according to the specified companies to take the best advantage with excellent features.

The design of the Band Saw blade is only for these companies so it is not compatible with other brands. This blade provides fine quality cutting for wood in the best setting.

This Band Saw Blade is unique from the other blades mentioned before. The Blade has a special Zinc coating that increases oxidation resistance.

This feature makes AYAO 62 Inch Band Saw Blade under $18 worth buying. This is an extraordinary feature of a blade that increases its value both in terms of money and quality.

These blades are thinner but they have a longer life. The teeth are evenly distributed for a better cutting result.The blade has a strong welding technique. It has smooth and strong welding points.

The AYAO Band Saw Blade can tackle any cutting job with the specified Band Saw Blades. It can work wonders under an ideal setting.

A claim is there that you can use this blade with any other band saw aside from the those we have written here but it gives the best performance with these stated above.

15. Timber 0669754933066

The 15 Premium Bandsaw Blades For Resaw [2022 Reviewed] (15)

Timber 0669754933066 Wolf Bandsaw Blade is one of the best releases of Timber Wolf.An amazing feature of this blade is that it requires less power as compared to other blades.

Most Band Saw Blades require high tension and powerful Band Saw Blades. With 0669754933066 Wolf Bandsaw Blade, you can cut metal and wood without any hurdle.

If you have a Band Saw with low power, you can increase its capacity with the help of the Timber Blade Saw Blade. This ability makes 0669754933066 Wolf Band Saw Blade under $30 worth buying.

The item weighs 0.25 pounds and comes with dimensions of 11.25 x 13.75 x 0.55 inches. The Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade has high silicon and low carbide steel.

This composition makes the blade resistant to heat so it remains cooler for a long time. This Blade is durable, reliable and is a good option to buy because of the many qualities we have quoted.

Timber Wolf Band Saw Blade has got 5 stars from the customers. They consider it long-lasting and reliable. It can perform better on both metal and wood.

There are very few negative remarks, most of them are favorable.

Final Verdict

Many reasons make the bandsaws most popular among the craftsmen. They are powerful and have different versatile features that attract industrial users.

You can make use of the band saw blades in your work after going through the band saw blade review mentioned in the article.

(Video) How To Replace The Blade On A Skil 2.5 AMP 9" Band Saw Bandsaw Blade Change DIY

This will enable you to make the decision process of buying easy. The bandsaw blades are flexible and strong and you can use them in various tasks.

After going through the band saw review, we hope that you will find the best band saw you are looking for.


What are the best bandsaw blades for resawing? ›

So just like you would on the table saw, you'll want to select a blade with fewer teeth per inch (TPI) than the blades you use for crosscutting or cutting curves. For most 14" band saws, a 1 ⁄ 2 "-wide blade with 2-3 TPI is a good choice.

What is the best bandsaw blade for resawing veneer? ›

If you only resaw on occasion and want a blade primarily for general-purpose work, a flex-back or hard-back blade is your best choice. For hard-core resawing, the hard-back or bi-metal hook-tooth blades with three tpi did the best overall job.

How many teeth do you need for resawing? ›

Three teeth per inch is often identified as the sweet spot for resawing.

What is the best bandsaw blade for tight curves? ›

A coarse blade for a smooth cut. For all bandsaw cuts, including curves, a coarse blade like this 1/2-in., 3-tpi model will run cool and track a line more effectively than a fine blade. The finer blade will run hotter and will clog with sawdust quickly, making it wander.

What is the best width for a resaw blade? ›

Typically, a wide 3-tooth-per-inch (tpi) blade provides the perfect blend of aggressive yet smooth cut and sawdust evacuation that resawing requires.

How many teeth should my bandsaw blade have? ›

The general rule of thumb is:

For wood and soft materials aim for 3 – 6 teeth in the workpiece. For metals and harder materials aim for 6 – 24 teeth in the workpiece.

What is the best veneer grade? ›

There are four grades of plywood veneer: A, B, C, and D.
  • A-grade plywood is the highest quality. ...
  • B-grade plywood usually has minor flaws that may require small repairs. ...
  • C-grade plywood has more visible flaws and knots up to 1.5 inches in diameter.
Oct 15, 2020

Is a wider bandsaw blade better? ›

For straight cutting, the blade should be as wide as the machine permits. The wider the blade, the more beam strength it has to promote straighter, more accurate cuts.

What is a resaw blade? ›

A resaw is a large band saw optimized for cutting timber along the grain to reduce larger sections into smaller sections or veneers. Resawing veneers requires a wide blade – commonly 2 to 3 inches (52–78 mm) – with a small kerf to minimize waste.

How much horsepower do you need to resaw? ›

A 3/4 or 1 HP bandsaw is pefectly adequate for re-sawing stock at home.......

What is a 6 TPI blade used for? ›

TPI explained

TPI is the number of teeth the blade has per inch. If you're looking to cut wood or other soft materials, you'll need a blade with a TPI of 6 up to 20. For harder materials like metal, a TPI between 14 up to 36 is more suitable.

What is the best TPI for a bandsaw blade? ›

The general rule of thumb is:

For wood and soft materials aim for 3 – 6 teeth in the workpiece. For metals and harder materials aim for 6 – 24 teeth in the workpiece.


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