The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (2023)

The iPhone X is one of the most innovative smartphones of all time, having introduced the world to edge-to-edge displays and face unlocking when it was unveiled in 2017. It’s still a great phone even now, with its 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED display and powerful A11 Bionic processor giving it a long shelf life.


  • JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Purity Screen Protector — Triple Pack
  • Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit
  • UAG Glass Privacy Tint
  • ArmorSuit Matte Case-Friendly Film Screen Protector
  • RhinoShield Impact Protection
  • Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Screen Protector — Twin Pack
  • Supershieldz Film Screen Protector — Six Pack
  • Tech21 Evo Glass
  • InvisibleShield Glass+
  • BodyGuardz Pure 2 Glass Screen Protector
  • Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector
  • Tech Armor Ballistic Glass and Tech Armor HD Clear Film
  • Whitestone Dome UV Applied Glass Protector

Below, we’ve rounded up the top iPhone X screen protectors available, allowing you to keep your screen crack-free, enhance your privacy, and generally improve the look and feel of your device.

JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (1)

One of the most popular iPhone X screen protectors online, JETech’s effort provides great durability and usability at a low price. It’s made of tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, making it harder than the average household knife, and therefore capable of resisting most scratches. At only 0.33mm thick, it’s also very transparent and responsive, leaving you with basically the exact same experience you’d have without a protector on your iPhone X. The protector also features rounded edges for comfort, and comes with a guide stick, cleaning cloth, and dust removal stick. Sold in a pack of two.


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Purity Screen Protector — Triple Pack

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (2)

Coming in a pack of three, each Purity tempered glass screen protector is high quality and cut to precisely fit your iPhone X. The installation process is made easy with the included application frame, but in the case that you do mess up, you’ll have another two tries. What separates this screen protector from the cheaper ones is its hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, preventing your fingers from leaving any grease or oils on the tempered glass. After all, a smudged-up screen protector does not make for an enjoyable mobile experience.

Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (3)

Spigen is known for exceptional cases and covers, and their take on the tempered glass screen protector is worth considering. As the name suggests, the Glas.tR EZ Fit is effortless to install as the screen protector comes attached to an application tray. You simply place the frame over your iPhone X, peel the release tab, and let the adhesive do the rest. It’s as foolproof as it gets. The tempered glass itself is rated 9H hardness and designed to be case-friendly, though we’d suggest pairing it with one of Spigen’s own. With a layer of oleophobic screen coating and an extra protector in the box, the Glas.tR EZ Fit should last you a while.

UAG Glass Privacy Tint

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (4)

You don’t have to be an international super spy to not want people looking over your shoulder on the train. This screen protector from UAG tints your screen, making it harder to see from an angle, while keeping it clear when looking at it straight-on. It’s not a one-trick pony either, as it sports high-strength tempered glass with a 9H hardness, adding scratch and drop-resistance to your phone. It’s incredibly thin, being just 0.2 mm thick, and an oleophobic layer keeps greasy fingerprints away. However, it’s certainly on the expensive side, and it will reduce screen brightness and your viewing angles. But if privacy is worth those sacrifices, this is the protector for you.

ArmorSuit Matte Case-Friendly Film Screen Protector

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (5)

The iPhone X gets plenty bright, but it can still be a struggle to see your screen in strong sunlight. If this describes your life, you might want to invest in a protector with a matte finish. This film screen protector from ArmorSuit does just that, the matte finish cutting out unsightly glare on your screen. It’s a good option if you’re not as worried about protection, as the film doesn’t offer as much protection as tempered glass. However, the film offers great scratch-protection that is bolstered with self-healing properties for minor scratches. Best of all, it’s definitely one of the cheaper options, so it’s not a huge investment if you just want glare protection.

RhinoShield Impact Protection

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (6)

It might be made from film, but RhinoShield claims you get more than adequate protection from its screen protector. According to RhinoShield, the special impact-absorbing layer hidden within the Impact Protection screen protector is capable of absorbing five times as much impact energy as Gorilla Glass 3, and can even take a hammer blow. It also resists greasy fingerprints thanks to an oleophobic coating, and it doesn’t reduce screen clarity of responsiveness. However, it’s expensive for a film option.

Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Screen Protector — Twin Pack

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (7)

Anker is well known for a range of phone accessories including Bluetooth speakers, cables, and chargers, but recently has become known for its new protective options, including its screen protectors. These tempered glass screen protectors (it’s a twin pack) curve slightly to protect the front of your phone, as well as the slightly curved edge, but also don’t interfere with most cases you might use to protect the rest of your iPhone X. The GlassGuard also comes with Anker’s DoubleDefence tech, reinforcing it even further. Although there are two in the pack, Anker wants you to get it right the first time, so there’s an installation guide included too.

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Supershieldz Film Screen Protector — Six Pack

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (8)

If you work in a dusty or dirty environment, then you might not care too much about the possibility of a broken screen, but might worry more about keeping it clean. That’s where something like Supershieldz comes in. With a massive six pack on offer, each of these film screen protectors costs a buck each, making them perfect for throwaway protection against scratches and dirt. Just because they come in a big pack doesn’t mean they’re individually weak though — each protector is made from Japanese PET film, provides great clarity, and doesn’t reduce your touchscreen responsiveness.

Tech21 Evo Glass

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (9)

Tech21’s Evo Glass utilizes 0.4 millimeters of 9H tempered glass that works to shield your phone’s screen against accidental scratches and drops. It’s bendable, durable, and fingerprint-resistant, and thin enough to avoid dulling the iPhone X screen’s colors when paired with its crystal-clear clarity. Tech21 is so confident in the performance of its Evo Glass that it offers a lifetime guarantee for it, which is a nice bonus for an expensive protector.

InvisibleShield Glass+

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (10)

InvisibleShield, a brand with a long history in the iPhone accessories business, has a screen protector designed for the iPhone X: The Glass+. It features Ion Matrix technology, a blend of ultra-strong impact material and surface fracture-filling finish. With a thorough inspection process that weeds out imperfections, InvisibleShield claims the Glass+ is two times stronger than most of the competition.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 Glass Screen Protector

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (11)

Potentially the first in a new generation of glass screen protectors, BodyGuardz Pure 2 uses a new type of glass to make this some of the best screen protection you can buy. Rather than the usual glass used in other screen protectors, the Pure 2 from BodyGuardz uses “aluminosilicate”, an ultra-thin, ultra-strong material that’s easy to handle, and apparently impossible to break or mark with five times more scratch resistance than the competition. While we can’t validate those claims, the Pure 2 is a great screen protector, being easy-to-apply with the included installation tray and precisely cut edges, and is even covered by BodyGuardz’s lifetime replacement scheme.

Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (12)

Otterbox is an old hand at screen protection, and you can expect a certain level of expertise from one of its Alpha Glass screen protectors. And that’s exactly what we have here — a solid screen protector that will keep your device protected. Otterbox promises the Alpha Glass maintains perfect image quality (especially important on a device like the iPhone X), and fully retains all of the responsiveness you would have from an unprotected display. Anti-shatter technology stops the screen protector from shattering should the worst happen, and comes with everything you need to apply the protector quickly and easily.

Tech Armor Ballistic Glass and Tech Armor HD Clear Film

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (13)

Offering more options for protecting your phone with either tough hardened glass or scratch-resistant film, Tech Armor’s Ballistic Glass screen protector is made of top-quality Japanese “Asahi” glass that provides 99.99% clarity, and full 3D Touch capabilities. Given it measures a mere 0.3 millimeters thick and comes with rainbow-free adhesive, it will seem like it’s barely there, and Tech Armor says it’s fully compatible with most cases. The best part? There’s three in a pack, so you’ve got replacements if the worst happens.

Tech Armor has also put “countless hours” into the development of the HD Clear Film screen protectors. Made from high-quality Japanese PET material, Tech Armor promises that the HD Clear provides incredible screen clarity, and resists bubbling during application with a silicone-based adhesive. Tech Armor has also included “TruTouch” technology to ensure that the screen’s sensitivity is unaffected — and best of all, this comes in a triple-pack, ensuring great value for money.

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Whitestone Dome UV Applied Glass Protector

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (14)

Whitestone has been quietly making a name for itself thanks to a range of glass screen protection made with patented technology. Using a unique UV lamp to cure the adhesive beneath, Whitestone ensures a perfect bond between the phone and the screen protector. The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector can also help to repair minor flaws to your phone, like cracks and nicks. The glass helps literally fill those blemishes back in. While the screen will remain totally responsive to your touch with the tempered glass, it will also be bolstered by an added layer of protection.

The only downside we discovered for this product was its installation. Users have to employ a wet application technique to put it on their phones. That method tends to be a bit trickier than its peel-and-stick competitors. The cover does come with an application kit with every tool you may need, and there are tons of helpful tutorials online, like this video from Whitestone. Whitestone’s Dome may take a bit of time and effort to apply, but it helps fix minor screen imperfections, maximizes touch sensitivity, and offers more coverage than other brands.

The Best iPhone X Screen Protectors for 2022 | Digital Trends (15)

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